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Dr Hans Greuel (MD)

Tinnitus-Hilfe-Forschungs- und Therapiezentrum
Dr Hans Greuel (MD)
Moerser Str. 100
D-40667 Meerbusch
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for therapy
of chronic tinnitus.
Book: Up to the ears

The Book
Furthermore, we recommend the book, "The Age of Hearing Disorders" (only in German language). Dr. Greuel gives you concrete suggestions and instructions enabling you to fight against your condition. It is clearly stated in this book that we are dealing with a complexity of symtoms involving these sicknesses. The following hardships generally include; neck, and jaw muscle tensening, grinding of the teeth, tendency to intervertebral disc problems (slipping of a disc) but also sight disturbance, high cholestorol, high blood pressure etc..

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Hans Greuel
Tinnitus is curable
"Up to the ears"
Sudden Deafness

The Biomental Tele-Therapy
Before you start the online biomental teleclinic treatment, you can try to use the Biomentear CD, which in mild cases had already led to healing success. If not, the CD is a good preparation for teleclinic treatment. You can order the CD here.

Step No. 3: The online treatment of Biomental Therapy:

You can order the 10 Biomental Tele-Therapy sessions via orderform.

Many thanks and much success.

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Hans Greuel MD