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Research Report
Scientific comments on Biomental Therapy
The Biomental Therapy by Dr Hans Greuel®

The Biomental Therapy by Dr. Hans Greuel® for Therapy of Chronic Tinnitus

Scientific Comments on Biomental Therapy:

Prof. Dr. Herbert Viefhues,
Institut für Sozialmedizinische Forschung BOSOFO e.V.:
"The results confirm the therapeutic approach and also therapeutic practice. Compared to other published therapy assessments, the present results must be emphasised in positive terms."

Prof. Dr. Karl-Josef Frey, Heidelberg University:
"The therapeutic success which Dr. Greuel's biomental therapy demonstrates is impressive. It convincingly confirms the fundamental conceptual principles upon which the therapy is based.
In summary, the greatest credit goes to Dr. Greuel for having found a therapy which meets all the requirements of strict scientific standards."

Research Report

Research Report 214b Social Research, which appeared in 1991 by order of the Federal Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, may be obtained from the ministry under ISSN 0174-4992.
When the research project commenced in 1988, Dr. Greuel recorded 223 patients by anamnestic instrumentarium, developed from associated research by the Research Institute of Social Medicine (BOSOFO).
The results which the BOSOFO compiled are impressive: "Between 76 and 93 % of patients - depending on their clinical picture - consider the status of their treated hearing disorder to have improved during and following treatment."

The Biomental Therapy by Dr. Hans Greuel®

After having studied medicine Hans Greuel (MD) went on to do an apprenticeship in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Directly after he began a second apprenticeship in ENT medicine. Parallel to that he founded a psychosomatic departement in an ENT-clinic for patients with sudden deafness, tinnitus, and Menière's disease.

With "Acute Sudden Deafness Therapy (Greuel)" an acute loss of hearing can be removed within the same day.

The attempt of suggestive treatment on a patient that had been suffering from acute sudden deafness was successful. We found that all other patients, even with acute sudden deafness, had hearing improvement of as much as 20-30dB within a fixed period of 20 min. max, without the aid of medications.

There is a Risk-Group

Even though the "Acute Sudden Deafness Therapy (Greuel)" caused a scare that hospital beds would be empty and because of forensic reasons in West Germany, we carried out further examinations. The result of these examinations was, that only people with certain types of personalities become sick. That is why the illness occures with increasing frequency also according to certain professions.

Sudden deafness, tinnitus and Menière's disease are not incurable chronical illnesses.

As a conventional out-patient therapy for patients who have been suffering from sudden deafness, tinnitus or Menière's disease for many years, a treatment programme was developed. It is called the Biomental Therapy, which is based on acute sudden deafness therapy. Catamnestical examinations of sufferers, within the framework of a research project, resulted in a 76 to 93% improvement, depending on the hearing illness. The conclusion: Sudden deafness, tinnitus and Menière's disease are not incurable chronical illnesses apposed to the former stand of medical knowledge.

Self-Healing without a doctor and without medication also possible at home

In the framework of the Biomental Therapy, patients that had been sick for many years, experienced complete remission. Simply by going through with the Biomental Home Therapy of Dr. Greuel, that consists of reading Dr. Greuel's literature (Bibliotherapy) and Detraining (deconditional training) with the "Biomentear" - CDs (see YouTube), often reduction and also complete remission was achieved.

Help for Self-Help: Cured people teach how and why a cure is possible.

A former patient (Karin Peperkorn) wrote her own book about her cure and together with us, founded the non- profit help-organisation Tinnitus-Hilfe e.V. (Tinnitus-Help- Society). Her own experiences and the experiences of other sufferers has contributed to a large enrichment of my knowledge as a doctor.

Help towards Self-Help should also be possible when dealing with more serious illnesses

Spontaneous healing from sudden deafness and tinnitus are known and are explained in medical literature. Mind you spontaneous remission happens very seldom. I am completely convinced, that the "Acute Sudden Deafness Therapy", the "Biomental Therapy" and the "Biomental Home Therapy" can set the same mechanisms into motion that occur during this seldom self healing. In the few cases known to me, spontaneous healing is proceeded by extreme changes in ones life, and also followed by psychophysiological reactions, which can cure. Pharmaceutical and genetic engineering possibilities can only help if they simultaneously create damage somewhere else in the body. For this reason my goal is to research self- healing-mechanisms, that also lead to spontanious healing of other more severe illnesses without causing any further damage."

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